Boundaries and Self-Care from a Gestalt Perspective

Date: 10th March 2023


A day of exploring the importance of self-care for those who work in the field of counselling and therapy and a chance to review your self-care activities



As practitioners, we understand the importance of establishing boundaries in our practice, for the safety of both our clients and ourselves.  However, in our lives generally and sometimes in practice, it can be hard for us to acknowledge the boundaries we need and the value of them and be able to communicate and protect them.

We are probably all familiar with popular sayings such as “you can’t pour from an empty cup” and “self-care is not selfish”, yet for us and our clients caring for ourselves by being bounded can be a very difficult thing to do.

In this workshop we will be exploring what might stop us from maintaining personal and professional boundaries and what might prevent our clients from establishing and maintaining them in their own lives.

We will explore these difficulties from a Gestalt perspective and look at what stops us and our clients from ‘making contact’ with boundaries and the opportunities for self-care that they might provide.

The day will provide an opportunity for reflection on client work and our own relationship with self-care through discussion, visualisation and learning about Gestalts’ interruptions to the cycle of experience along with the chance to reflect on self-care strategies and consider them from a Gestalt perspective.

Course details

Our CPD workshops are facilitated by experienced practicing specialists in their fields. We have a range of courses that are aimed at qualified counsellors who wish to develop their practice, as well as students of counselling. Each day is certified with 6 hours of CPD.

Timing of day: 10am-4.30pm

Delivery method: Online Workshop. Participants will learn by a lecture format, group discussions, pair work, exploring case studies and by practicing techniques learned, in the training group.

Open to: Qualified therapists, Heartwood diploma students and students from other counselling training colleges.

Cost per day: £85 (Current Heartwood students or Heartwood Alumni receive special rate of £45 per day).

Learning Outcomes:

  • Discuss the concept and importance of boundaries in relation to self-care
  • Explain blocks to being able to define and communicate boundaries effectively
  • Identify ways in which we might be able to maintain boundaries and what might violate them
  • Identify and explain the Gestalt cycle of experience and its interruptions
  • Identify and evaluate own self-care strategies using Gestalt as a model



Mark Hartshorn has designed and taught counselling and supervision courses since 2008.  He has taught in private and adult education settings and set up an independent specialist counselling training organisation which he ran for 7 years until 2021.  He has around 30 years of experience of working in the field of holistic therapy, counselling and wellbeing.  He is author of The Connections Model, a holistic model of wellbeing and connection.  He is passionate about empowering others and brings this passion into his teaching which he delivers with humour and realness.


Cost per day: £85 (Current Heartwood students or Heartwood Alumni receive special rate of £45 per day).

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