Back in the classroom

We are delighted to be able to welcome our students back to the classroom.

Our classroom has been made COVID secure in accordance with latest Government guidelines and best practice to ensure your studies with us are safe and enjoyable.

Classrooms have been deep cleaned before reopening and we are following social distancing guidelines that advise distancing of 1 metre plus and 2 metres wherever possible.

A hand sanitising station is provided, with wipes and sprays for cleaning equipment and surfaces as required.

Group sizes are limited to ensure we are easily able to maintain and oversee safe working distance and safe working practices.

On arrival, students will undergo COVID screening to assess safety and vulnerability; we reserve the right to ask someone not to attend if they are considered a risk to other participants.

We are engaging with the NHS Test and Trace process, as a response to any infection, and will contain any outbreak by following local health protection team advice.

We are continually following government guidelines to assess how we can safely deliver our training.

During lockdown, our courses were able to continue on live virtual classrooms on the Heartwood Online Platform (HOP). If guidelines change, our online platform is on standby to ensure our courses can continue to run smoothly.

We’re here if you want to get in touch to discuss our COVID measures, any aspects of our training or would like to enrol on a course.

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