Heartwood Online Platform (HOP)

After enrolling onto one of our courses you will be invited to the Heartwood Online Platform (HOP) which is our unique online and blended learning environment which gives you access to all aspects of your course. All you need is access to the internet, and a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

The interactive, college platform provides a comprehensive, enjoyable and convenient learning experience which, for online courses will be the location for you to complete studies, or for in-person courses, will complement your classroom experience.

Support is just the other end of the phone if you need it – whether you need a bit of assistance finding your way around the online learning platform, or would like to speak to us about your studies.

The Heartwood Online Platform (HOP) includes access to:

  • your course resources, handbook and policies
  • submission and feedback on of your assessments and journals
  • online class sessions are held via integrated Zoom meetings which allow breakout sessions for group work
  • online messaging which gives you the opportunity to discuss topics with your fellow students. You can use it to ask questions, learn from others, receive feedback, and share your own experiences.


You will also access the Heartwood community via the online Heartwood Office and Virtual Notice Board and our regular ‘Topic in Focus’ sessions held via Zoom

Students on our Advanced Diploma in Counselling – NCPS Accredited (Level 4 equivalent) courses will also be able to attend our regular Placement Drop-in sessions which serve to provide regular support for those already on or those starting out on their placements.