Our CPD workshops are facilitated by experienced practicing specialists in their fields. We have a range of courses that are aimed at qualified counsellors who wish to develop their practice, as well as students of counselling.

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Identifying and Working with Maladaptive Schemas

Date: 4th March 2023 – Booking now closed


A day where we look at the work of Jeffery Young and the concept of Maladaptive Schemas.  These can be described as beliefs about us, our life, the world and others, which help us cope with and make sense of things when we are children, but which in later life can sabotage happiness and connection


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Using Supervision Effectively

Date: 21st April 2023


Supervision is essential in the counselling world to maintain good practice and the wellbeing of the counsellor.  This day presents a variety of models that will help participants get the most out of their supervision work.


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Who Am I and Other Existential Questions

Date: 20th May 2023


“Inner peace doesn’t come from getting what we want,

but from remembering who we are.”

 Marianne Williamson

This workshop will explore one of the biggest existential questions we and our clients face during our lives.

Who Am I!


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Working with Difference and Diversity in Counselling

Date: 14th June 2023


We are generally taught not to see the differences between us and others, with a view to creating a more equal society.  In counselling work, however, we need to notice the differences between ourselves and our clients to empathise with them more fully.


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